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The story behind

The Vida Nova Collection

As with all of our properties, through the luxury, eco-conscious, Leatherback Beach Villa, we aim to connect our guests with nature, while preserving and protecting our environment through our carbon offset partners, 

How it all began…

After a visit to Ilha do Fogo in Northern Mozambique back in 2014, an agenda to set up a boutique, five-star resort quickly changed to a mission to protect vulnerable marine life. The island’s owner and logistical team discovered around a dozen poachers, and endangered turtle species were one of their victims. Soon, we established a number of conservation and community projects, including the creation of an anti-poaching unit that now patrols the island and nearby mainland.

 Some of the revenue from the properties in Mozambique and South Africa, helps to fund these ongoing initiatives and support the local communities.

At each of our retreats, we endeavour to adopt sustainable practices with an aim to minimise our impact on the environment. Most of our properties are located in a protected environment, including Leatherback Beach Villa, which rests on the coast of Machangulo Nature Reserve.

Our Promise

We offer a tailored concierge service, and no request is too big, or too complicated. We want your exclusively curated travel package to be just that… YOUR package. Exactly how you want everything to be. We will cater for your every creature comfort and we take great pride in our attention to detail. We offer full transparency and reassurance that your travel plans will be flexible to accommodate your needs. With our team being on-hand 24/7, you can rest assured that assistance will be available to you around the clock.